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The Six Major Aesthetic Trends In The Japanese Packaging Materials Market
Oct 16, 2018

The six major aesthetic trends in the Japanese packaging materials market


There are more and more thick-bottomed bottles with glass visual texture. They are simple in style, but they are more advanced than the minimalist style of muji. Production costs have increased by 150%, but they are still popular in the market.


The “painting scrub” process is widely used, and the matte texture packaging material is interpreting the new urban light luxury. Compared with the light design in previous years, the matte texture is being welcomed by the new middle-class city. It emphasizes the “distinction” of the product, and the black-and-white two-color frosted bottle is particularly popular. This is highly similar to the Chinese market.


The wide application of secondary processing technology makes it possible to present special visual effects such as imitation marble texture. Through secondary processing, Japanese cosmetic packaging is becoming more complicated, such as the presence of streamlined colors in the bottle.


As a trend in the overall design concept, the shiny design will return to the public's view, and this design must make consumers feel elegant and not exaggerated, and even suitable for viewing art. This requires the structural design of the bottle itself to be full of personality and characteristics, such as the application of polyhedral cutting process and gradual color, there is a reflection of architectural aesthetics, creating a feeling of jewelry.


The design of the bottle structure has been given special attention. In the consideration of the Japanese brand's image cognition, the acceptance of the shaped bottle is not high. This gives the “line party” the opportunity to design the bottle structure through different lines, but it does not change the overall shape.


The same series of products with different packaging specifications are paying attention to the overall coordination. The 30g, 50g and 80g cream bottles are all designed in equal proportions, which are more visually beautiful when displayed.

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