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Progress In Carbon Dioxide Synthesis Of Biodegradable Plastics At Home And Abroad
Oct 17, 2018

Carbon dioxide is a gas released by the combustion of substances such as oil and natural gas. It is not only the "culprit" of the environmental greenhouse effect, but also the potential carbon resource. In view of the potential threat posed by greenhouse gas emissions, most countries around the world have joined the efforts to reduce greenhouse gas emissions (especially carbon dioxide). The recycling of carbon dioxide has become a hot spot.


Environmentally friendly materials refer to materials with minimal environmental impact in raw material collection, product manufacturing, use or recycling, and waste disposal. They have low resource and energy consumption, low ecological and environmental pollution, and high recycling efficiency. . At present, the biodegradable plastic raw material, which is an innovative raw material in the research and development field at home and abroad, is a carbon dioxide-based polymer, which is an environmentally friendly plastic raw material worthy of attention in the petrochemical industry.


Ordinary plastic raw materials, such as polyethylene, polypropylene and other polymers are polymerized from hydrocarbons, while carbon dioxide-based polymers are copolymerized with hydrocarbons and carbon dioxide, of which carbon dioxide content accounts for 31% to 50%. Compared with conventional polymers, the consumption of petroleum and upstream raw materials is greatly reduced. Carbon dioxide-based polymers not only reduce oil consumption, but also have good environmental adaptability.

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