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Packaging Of Glass Bottles In The Direction Of Personalized Development
Jun 27, 2018

  The design of the printed glass bottle has been fused with glass, but its inherent glass characteristics also determine its use to seven times, too much reuse will bring adverse consequences. 


  The glass bottle after the decals can only be used once, the pattern is not complete, but also because of its decal material after the high temperature curing of the inherent acid and alkali resistance and erosion characteristics determined. 


  Leading the industry's beer and beverage manufacturers have begun to print bottles, lightweight or disposable glass bottles as the first choice for the outer packaging, new bottles of new wine and old bottles of new wine, although the increase in production costs, but for the promotion of product quality benefits. With the rapid development of science and technology, the change of consumption trend keeps pace with the times and the manufacturing industry is simultaneously following. A national or industry standard after seven or eight years of use, should also be necessary to improve and modify, to retain those who adapt to the development trend of the part, add some necessary content. 


  Excessive requirements and excessive technical indicators to increase the cost of unproductive manufacturing, resulting in waste of resources, should also be listed in the revised list, the most urgent task is to make GB or industry standards more authoritative, representative and appropriate. There are inconsistent requirements for beer bottles for pressure-resistant glass bottles and bottles for carbonated beverages, beer bottles require too much resistance to mechanical impact strength of the index, the standard of qualified crystal and carbonated beverage bottles of the same index, and the use of carbonated beverage bottles and packaging method is not specified, No separate provision was made for carbonated beverage bottles with light weight and disposable use. This selectivity creates a standard inconsistency and is more likely to lead to misunderstandings.

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