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Market Competition Analysis Of International Large Glass Packaging Industry
Jun 27, 2018

  With the continuous development of the packaging market and increasingly intensified market competition, the international large glass packaging enterprises in order to and paper products container packaging enterprises and plastic bottles and other new packaging materials container packaging enterprises, has been committed to make the product quality more reliable, more beautiful appearance, lower cost and cheaper price. Recently, the United States O&I Company, ACI Australia, Hong Kong New World Group, France Saint-Gobain Group and other international enterprises have poured into China, set up a number of joint ventures or wholly-owned glass bottle production enterprises.


  These international large-scale glass packaging enterprises are generally characterized by the use of advanced energy-saving technology, bottle light quantification, improve labor productivity and increase production concentration. It is learnt that saving energy, improving melting quality and prolonging kiln service life are the goals that the glass packaging industry in foreign countries is constantly exploring. The whole oxygen combustion technology which is being popularized in the foreign glass packaging industry is the second revolution after regenerative glass kiln, which can obtain the notable effect of low investment, low energy consumption, low NOx and powder emission. Another way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass, and the amount of glass added abroad reaches 60%?70%.


  The ideal is to use 100% of broken glass, to achieve the "ecological" glass production goals. In developed countries such as Europe, America and Japan, light Shi Ping is already the leading product of glass jar. German Obe-dand Company production of glass jars, 80% is a lightweight disposable bottle. The precise control of raw materials, the precision control of the whole process of melting, the bottle-blowing technology (NNPB), the hot and cold end spraying of bottle cans, the on-line inspection and other advanced technologies are the basic guarantee for realizing the light weight of bottle cans. A number of countries are developing new bottle surface enhancement techniques to try to reduce the weight of bottle cans further. The German Sea Leaf company on the bottle wall surface coating thin layer has the initial resin, produces only 295 grams of a liter concentrated juice bottle, may prevent the glass bottle to be scraped, thus may increase the bottle pot pressure strength 20%.


  The current popular plastic film sets, but also conducive to the lightweight glass jar. How to improve the glass forming speed is the key to improve the productivity of bottle manufacturing. At present, developed countries commonly adopted the method is to use a number of groups, many drops of the molding machine.


  Foreign production of 12 groups of double drop-type bottle-making machine speed can be more than 240/minute, than the current domestic widely used single group of drop molding machine height of more than 4 times times. In order to ensure high quality and forming qualified rate, electronic timers are used instead of the traditional cam-type drum, the main action is the use of molding parameters, can be optimized in accordance with the requirements of the servo drive to replace the failure to adjust the mechanical transmission, and the cold end of the online inspection system automatically eliminate waste. The entire production process by the computer real-time control, can ensure the best molding conditions to ensure that the product quality, running more stable and reliable, very low scrap rate. With high speed molding machine matching large kiln, must have a large number of stable supply of high-quality glass liquid, the temperature and viscosity of the drop to meet the requirements of the best molding conditions.

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