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Is The Skin Care Ingredient Upgrade An Innovative Medicine?
Oct 12, 2018

        Recently, the upgrading of the ingredients of skin care products has become one of the hot topics of discussion. Does the component index determine the important indicators of the pros and cons of a product? Can not be generalized, but looking at the release trend of major brands in the second half of the year, the upgrade of ingredients is indeed the key to innovation of a product and even a brand.        

Imported: "Anti-aging" from product to spirit

        Due to the advantages of R&D technology in time, imported products are at the forefront of beauty ingredients, such as HR Helena to the United States eye-catching eye cream, inheriting the world's first classic VALAZE cream, with the beauty industry to the high concentration of "Alpine Alpine Edelweiss" Essence, dedicated to the depth of cell resistance to skin aging process. As one of the originators of the innovation of ingredients, Helena's ingredients have been so slipped, what new ideas? In September of this year, Helena will extend the anti-aging spirit of the skin to the spiritual field. The first phase of her creation of the “She Power Camp” will portray the female power of the new era – in the view of Helena, the upgrade of the female soul, with them in the product The upgrades have the same status and are “innovative and rare” ingredients that keep women young and energetic.

Chinese goods: traditional veteran breaking the "zero" bureau of scientific research

        Compared with the spiritual field innovation of imported goods, the innovation of domestic products is more focused on breaking the research and development of traditional ingredients, and will play the old and new tricks. In September of this year, Fan Wenhua, a 30-year-old Chinese brand, developed the revolutionary breakthrough technology of peony root bio-fermentation to achieve the technological peak that traditional peony fermentation could not achieve. In the past, fermentation technology was mostly used in the food field. In recent years, it has become popular in the skin care field because of its safety and effectiveness and won the favor of the beauty industry. It is understood that Fan Wenhua used microbial yeast engineering technology to extract the first fermented extract of peony root: peony root/leaf fermentation filtrate. This innovative fermentation technology can control the temperature to 28 ° C ~ 30 ° C, so that the active ingredient of peony root is higher, the molecule is smaller and more easily absorbed, the skin is less irritating, and can be more widely used in daily defense. Dry moisturizing care.

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