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How To Solve The Friction Of Glass Bottle Surface
Jun 27, 2018

Glass bottles are produced at elevated temperatures, from the glass solution to the machine production molding have experienced high temperature to low temperature process, will inevitably appear in the glass products between the collision and friction, in the bottle and bottle friction will appear friction marks, and sometimes products if there is no cooling will appear adhesion into defective.

How can we solve this problem?

1. Reduce machine Speed:

Allow the product to cool down and grow at a reasonable time

2, reduce the feeding machine basin glass solution temperature:

Cooling the glass solution in the feeding machine with the cooling fan

3, to the product spray spray paint:

When the product in the assembly line spraying friction-resistant coating to enhance the hardness of products to avoid friction traces.

The above method is only a part, may not be very standard is I in the workshop observation to draw personal opinion. Hope to help you!

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