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How To Distinguish Glass Bottle Making Process
Jun 27, 2018

   Production technology, there are hand-machine and row and column machine two kinds of crafts, the production of glass bottles have a certain difference, the identification can be referred to the following points: 

   1. Die Line and glass bottle body mold line row and column machine process is consistent, that is, in a straight line, and manual machine is not necessarily in a straight line.  

   2. Glass bottle bottom of the cooling flower bottom printing row and column machine production of clear, artificial machine is not too clear not obvious.  

   3. Glass bottles at the bottom of the production of manual machine can not see the bulkhead printing, and the row and column of the assembly line technology will be able to see the obvious bulkhead printing.  

   4. Take a few bottles to put together, the assembly line process of the bottle appears neat, even the angle of reflection are very consistent, handmade machine bottles appear uneven surface.  

   5. Because the manual machine is water cooling, and the pipeline process is the combination of air and wind cooling, so the production of glass bottles on the smooth finish of the machine process than the manual machine, the average, the bottle wall clear, transparent, the overall feeling compared to the grade.  

   6. In the minimum quantitative manual is lower than the number of pipeline order, assembly line production for large orders, so the investment in the mold cost is relatively expensive. 

   7. The price of the price of a glass bottle is higher than that of an artificial machine. 

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