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Analysis On The Crack Of Small-mouth Glass Bottle Mouth Of Row And Column Machine
Jun 27, 2018

One, the bottle mouth straight crack.


A crack extending vertically downward from the top of the bottle.

Test: Rotate the bottle, the cracks can be seen from the reflection.

Thinking: First from the start to consider, from the process of step-by-step exclusion.

A: Feeding Machine

Reason Analysis: 

 1.The drop material temperature is too low; 

 2.Bad shearing and installation, scissors, shear scar larger, scissors spray water too much to reduce the temperature drop tip; 

 3.The material droplet homogenization is not good, the yin and yang material;

 4.The material shape is not suitable, the head is too sharp.

Corrective measures:

 1.Adjust the temperature of the material drop;

 2.Change scissors and reduce scissors or adjust scissors so that the material drops do not appear cut scar; 

 3.Check the Feed barrel, find out the reason of the change of material temperature unevenness, adjust and solve;

 4.Adjust the material shape to fit.

B: Bottle-making machine adjustment and operation

Reason Analysis: 

1.The contact time of the core is too long, resulting in the mouth cold; 2. The flapping pneumatic is too large, the pressure is too large or too long, the funnel mechanism correction is not suitable, and the initial mode of different heart!

Flutter at the beginning of time; mode shake. 

3.Punch or die too cold (pressure-blow); 

4.Pressure-blowing work, the punch rise or fall of the air pressure is too large (mechanical vibration); 

5.The core and the die are wrong (mechanical vibration);

6.Core and core head loose (pressure-blow operation using quick change sleeve); 

7.The core locking plate is loose (the core and the die are wrong); 

8.The front arm of the blow is not properly installed (with Chengmo or too low), blow the head shallow and pressure to touch the bottle;

9.The blow head drops into the mold, is blowing too early;

10. The blow core bends to meet the bottle mouth;

11. Pressure-blowing operation, the pressure of the punch is too large or too long time;

12. The core cooling is unsuitable, the cooling is excessive;

13 blowing time is too long!

14. Clamp Bottle Clamp Claw is too cold, clamp bottle is too heavy, or opening mechanism openings too heavy!

15. In the mold side of the mouth cold (pressure, blow);

16. Machine speed is too low;

17. The water part of the pipe is blowing and the oil pollution is excessive;

18. The air nozzle is not used in the blowing head, which causes the blowing of cold wind to blow directly to the bottle mouth.

Corrective measures: 

Shorten the contact time of the core;

2.Adjust the flutter action, reduce the flutter pressure or shorten the flutter time, and recalibrate the funnel mechanism.

3.Reduce the punch and die cooling; 

4.Reduce the pressure of the falling head;

5.Check the alignment of the die and the same; 

6.Fastening the core and the core connector;

7.Replace the core lock plate; 

8.Re-aligning the blowing head arm, adjusting height to fit or replacing the blowing head;

9.Delay is blowing gas;

10; Replace the air blowing core;

11. Reduce punch pressure and stamping time;

12. Regulating core cooling;

13. Shorten the blowing time;

14. Choose suitable material, or apply the clamp claw with suitable material, adjust opening speed!

15; Reduce the cooling of the bottle at the top of the mold;

16. Improve the speed of the machine properly;

17, as far as possible release water, oil, if necessary, in the air dry tube on the addition of oil and water separator;

18. Use inner cooling wind tsui. C: Mold

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