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Analysis Of The Three Major Consumer Trends In The 2018 Makeup Market
Oct 24, 2018

        Foreword: In recent years, the sales of online cosmetics category continued to grow at a high speed. Among them, young women are the core consumer groups of online cosmetics. At the same time, men after 90s and 95s are also a consumer group that cannot be ignored. The trend of beauty consumption of “female/male is pleasing to others” has been increasing year by year.


        Analysis of the three major consumer trends in the 2018 makeup market

        First, diversification | Eyes are refined, "Sunset" becomes popular

        From the perspective of the entire eye makeup, the attention of consumers has gradually shifted from eyebrow pencil to eye shadow. With good sales growth, it has become the largest category of sales in the overall eye makeup. From the color preference of eye shadow purchase, brown and pink eye shadows are popular, while orange eye shadows stand out from all colors because of the fastest increase. On the one hand, it benefited from the youth beauty consumer market entering the market; on the other hand, it benefited from the strong recommendation of the major KOL makeup bloggers online.

        Second, rationalization | Outstanding face, "white" is not the only pursuit

        The increasingly mature online beauty consumers not only seek to expand in the purchase category, but also increasingly diversify their purchasing preferences. According to relevant data, warm liquid foundations that give people a “healthy”, “friendly” and “warm” feeling. It is increasingly favored by consumers. Among them, the sales of natural color and wheat color liquid foundation have increased significantly. It can be seen that consumers are increasingly rational in the choice of foundation color and their self-perception is constantly improving.

         Third, contentization | KOL, hot drama, popular variety show, come together to bring goods

         In the era when content is king, consumers are bombarded with information, and only the content of the action can trigger consumer desires. Among them, KOL recommendation on social media, hot drama series and stars in variety shows become the beauty consumers. Planting grass" main position. Take the explosive variety "Creation 101" as an example. Fans are the "founders" who enjoy the "star-making" experience. They are more willing to buy and buy for idols, and Lancome’s red tea It has successfully captured the attention of these young consumers, and the discussion in the media has continued to rise.

         In addition to being vulnerable to KOL, young people are also the same channel for their grass growing. In the past few years, with the popularity of Korean dramas, I have been thinking about your color, star color, mermaid color, ghost color, and the shady color and the swaying color in the domestic drama. The same color of the female host in the drama has been received by consumers favor.

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