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What is the tube, the tube is detailed
Oct 17, 2018


1. The tube is divided into single-layer, double-layer and five-layer hoses, which are different in pressure prevention, impermeability and hand feeling, such as the outer layer, the inner layer and the two adhesive layers. Barrier layer. Features: It has excellent gas barrier properties, can effectively prevent the infiltration of oxygen and odor gas, and prevent the fragrance of the contents and the leakage of active ingredients.

2, double-layer tube is more common, can be used in the middle and low-grade single layer, the hose diameter is 13#-60# multiple caliber, when selecting a certain diameter hose, different capacity characteristics are marked with different lengths The capacity of 3ml-360ml can be adjusted. For aesthetic coordination, the caliber of 35# or less is usually used below 60ml, 100ml and 150ml are usually used with 35#-45# caliber, and for 150ml or more, 45# or more caliber is required.

3. The process is divided into a circular tube, an elliptical tube, a flat tube, and a super flat tube. The flat tube and the ultra-flat tube are more complicated than other tube processes, and are also new types of tubes produced in recent years, so the price is relatively expensive.

4, the tube cover is various in shape, generally divided into flat head cover, round head cover, high cover, cover, super flat cover, double cover, spherical cover, lipstick cover, plastic cover can also be processed in various processes, bronzing Side, silver edge, colored cover, transparent, oil spray, plating, etc., the tip cover and lipstick cover are usually equipped with a plug. The hose cover is an injection molded product, the hose is a pull tube, and most hose manufacturers do not produce a hose cover themselves.

5, some products need to be sealed after filling, the tail is divided into: straight grain tailing, twill tailing, umbrella type tailing, star point sealing, special type sealing, can be required to seal when sealing The desired date code is printed at the end.

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