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What is the key to the quality of glassware?
Jun 27, 2018

  What kind of glass cutlery can be put into the microwave? What kind of glass product is safer? Many consumers don't know much about it. In fact, glass tableware due to different materials, the use of a little improper, it is likely that there are security risks, sudden burst and other unexpected conditions.

  Therefore, industry experts remind consumers to buy the use of glass products must see its material and use instructions to avoid accidents. According to technology experts, the key to the quality of glassware is material. Kitchen glassware According to different material, can be divided into ordinary glass, tempered glass and heat-resistant glasses three kinds. Ordinary glass has fragile weaknesses, and tempered glass is more used in automotive glass, bath separators, telephone booths and other fields, but when the ambient temperature changes suddenly, it is likely to rupture, so it is not suitable for the kitchen often need to be used in heating. Compared with tempered glass, heat-resistant glassware, although the impact is slightly weak, but with super heat resistance, and will not release harmful substances, use more security, peace of mind. Lok Buckle Glass Glassware series used in heat-resistant glass containing high-temperature boric acid, even under the "Ice Fire double days" of the huge temperature difference also unscathed, in the use of the process of higher safety factor.

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