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What does the cosmetic lot number mean? What is the special meaning?
Oct 15, 2018

1. Three-code batch number: 1) The first letter is the origin, the second number or letter represents the month, and the third number is the mantissa of the year. The representation of the month is: 123456789ABC. For the month above 9 and ABC, A for October, that is, B for November and C for December. For example, A58, where the second number "5" indicates May, and the third number "8" represents the 2008 ending "8". For example, the production lot number of the Estee Lauder Group brand is identified by this three yards. 2) The first letter indicates the year, and the last two letters indicate the month. For example, 7DA indicates that it was produced in October 2007. If the product produced by EliZAbeth Arden is identified by this method.

2, four code batch number

1) The first letter indicates the production month, which is represented by the ABCDEFGHJKLM sequence for 12 months (because the English letter "I" is similar to the "1" in the Arabic numerals, the letter "I" is skipped directly, and J is used instead. In September, the second number represents the year of production, and the last two digits represent the date, as KOSE uses this method for identification. 2) The first number indicates the year, the second letter indicates the month, and ABCDEFGHJKLM indicates 12 months (they also skip the letter "I" directly, with J to indicate September), and the last 2 digits indicate the date. Such methods are identified by Givenchy and DIOR.

3. The five-code batch number consists of two English letters and three numbers. The first English letter represents the place of origin, the second English letter represents the year of manufacture, and the last three digits indicate the day of the year in which the product was produced. . The L'Oréal Group's products use this production lot number identification method. For example, batch number CD126, where D is 2007, and so on, C is 2006, E is 2008, and the next three digits indicate that the product was produced on the 126th day of 2007.

4, six-code batch number The first number represents the year, the second two digits are the month, and the last three digits represent the container number. Take CLARINS production batch number 701129 as an example, which was produced in January 2007 and is installed in Container No. 129.

5, seven-code batch number The first number is the year, the last three figures are the first few days of the year, with the batch number 6254H53 as an example, 6 for 2006, and 254 for the 254th day of 2006.

6. Recognizing the barcode The commodity barcode is generally composed of a prefix part, a manufacturer code, a commodity code, and a check code. The prefix code in the commodity barcode is the most important because it is used to identify the country or region and it will tell you where the cosmetics come from.

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