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The mystery in a glass bottle
Jun 27, 2018

Incense-smoked glass bottles, including caps and bottles for arranging aromatherapy essential oils, glass bottles of essential oil can be directly heated and distributed useful gas, can be sterilized, analysis of formaldehyde and benzene, degradation of carbon dioxide, purifying car atmosphere, can be prepared through droplets and atmosphere infection disease, can drive insects to remove mites, and aromatherapy Essential oil pyrolysis process of oxygen. 

Essential oils are pure natural plant-WA, some of which are more easily oxidized, polymerized or resinous than others, and have higher requirements for packaging against other products. Often we are more common than this dark brown glass bottle, the color of glass, dark brown, tea cyan, dark blue. Green and blue glass bottles, the cost of dealing with the dark brown glass bottles cost more expensive, can extend the survival of the essential oil period. Dealing with essential oil packaging, transparent glass bottles, dropper bottles, plastic bottles, are very unprofessional packaging methods.

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