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The glass bottle is full of new vitality because of the environmental performance
Jun 27, 2018

   With the development of glass products industry, glassware factory will gradually develop into the group mode of production, the formation of large-scale production capacity, electronic timing control of the 10 groups and more than 10 sets of double drop bottle machine production line will face greater market demand to use glass bottles at least two advantages: One, reduce the cost of the product, let the consumer. Plastic fresh bottles account for about 20% of the production cost, and the cost of recycling glass bottles is extremely low.

  Replacing plastic bottles with bottles is the most economical way. Second, save resources, reduce pollution, protect the environment.

  Disposable plastic bottle, has produced a lot of white pollution, the environment has a certain impact; glass bottles are different, as long as not broken can be recycled and reused, it is the most environmentally friendly milk utensils.

  From the international market, bottles of glass products as food, beverages, medicine, daily chemical, cultural and educational, scientific research and other industries and departments of supporting the use of packaging bottles, a wide range of dosage, is an indispensable packaging containers. However, there is a big gap between China and the international per capita bottle consumption, even if the total output reaches 13.2 million tons by 2010, it still has a certain distance from the international consumption level. Therefore, bottles of glass products have a great development prospects, followed by the development of daily-use glass machinery industry.

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