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The difference between sputtering coating and vacuum coating in glass Company
Jun 27, 2018

Unlike the vacuum evaporation, sputtering is the use of high-energy ions to collide with the target material, so that the formation of atoms, molecules, ions fly out, thus forming a film on the substrate.     

This method of tooling is the most commonly used method in our glass bottle factory in the popularization and industrialization of production. The sputtering phenomenon is discovered by the Grove of A1 on the cathode on the surface of the discharge tube.  

High-energy ions (or neutral ions) and target materials to produce elastic collision, the target surface of the ions absorb this momentum, and then further collision with the surrounding ions, the result is cut off the target surface atoms linked to the bond between the surface of the atom is flying out, resulting in sputtering. 


All kinds of effects caused by sputtering are effective for two times electron emission, glass cathode (target) sputtering, gas analytical decomposition, heating of cathode, spread of yard in layout, lattice change and ion implantation. Compared with the number of the incident positive particles, R becomes the two electron emission coefficient of the glass bottle, and its value is affected by the properties of the target material, the positive ion mass, the ionization potential and the momentum size of the two electrons.  

When the positive particle energy reaches dozens of to hundreds of electron volts the R value is in the glass company several 1% few one-tenth.


When a positive ion collides with a target, it heats up and 75% of its energy is turned into heat, so that the target material needs to be cooled so that the target can be decomposed or even dissolved. In general, the energy of the vacuum vapor from the evaporation source to fly out of the atom in the glass factory is 0.1ev, in the target material splash out of the atomic energy than the vacuum evaporation source to fly out of the atomic energy to a large 1~2 order of magnitude, about 5~10ev, each unit time has the sputtering rate r,r value and the incident positive ion density and sputtering coefficient value is proportional to the product.

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