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The bottle type of the cosmetic essential oil bottle needs to be diversified
Oct 16, 2018

       Cosmetic oil bottles are the packaging of essential oils, generally plastic materials, glass materials, porcelain, etc., which are mainly made of glass. Why the glass material can stand in the dominant direction is because of the particularity of the glass material. The glass oil bottle has good chemical stability, does not react with the essential oil, has excellent sealing performance, and does not leak or volatilize. There are many kinds of essential oil bottles made of glass, such as our common round oil bottles, square oil bottles, single gourd oil bottles, double gourd oil bottles, etc. There are many kinds of bottles, the color is brown, transparent, Blue, can also be used in the bottle according to customer requirements for sanding, printing, printing, etc. to make the essential oil bottle more beautiful.

         The outer packaging of the essential oil bottle is observed by the customer. For a high-grade essential oil product, the shape of the essential oil bottle directly affects the sales situation. As the saying goes, "good horse with good saddle" has no good saddle, only a few industries. Insiders can pick a good horse, which is not accurately recognized by ordinary consumers.

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