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Selection of perfume glass bottles
Oct 16, 2018

        More than a decade ago, perfume was a high-end product of the upper class. With the development of the times, perfume became the choice of more and more women. He is one of the essential cosmetics before women go out. Now women are paying more and more attention to their own. Externally, they not only have to dress beautifully, but also apply perfume on their bodies. The unique function of perfume is to make women more women. When the perfume touches the air or the sun will deteriorate, it is a very sensitive "biological". The preservation of the opened perfume is very important. This requires that the bottle containing the perfume has good sealing properties and will not react with the perfume. The perfume is best stored. In a cool place, try to avoid the sun, direct light and high temperature places in the oven, microwave oven, etc. In addition, where the moisture is too high, such as the bathroom, the water vapor will enter the perfume, which is the deterioration of the perfume.

         The requirements for the perfume glass bottle are good permeability, beautiful appearance, stimulating consumers' desire to purchase, and the purpose of sales. The bottle mouth is generally a screw mouth to ensure the airtightness, and after opening, the secondary sealing property is still excellent.

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