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Processing and manufacturing of frosted glass bottles and their handling precautions
Oct 09, 2018

  Frosting refers to immersing a glass bottle in a prepared acidic liquid (or applying an acid-containing paste) to attack the surface of the glass bottle glass with a strong acid, while ammonia hydrogen fluoride in a strong acid solution forms a crystal on the surface of the glass bottle. Therefore, if the frosting process is done well, the surface of the frosted glass bottle is extremely smooth, and the crystallization effect is caused by the scattering of crystals.

   If the surface is rough, it means that the acid is more erosive to the glass bottle, which is an immature performance of the master of the frosted sand. Or some parts still have no crystals (commonly known as no sand, or glass spots), which is also not well controlled by the master craftsmanship. This process is technically difficult. The process is best characterized by the appearance of sparkling crystals on the surface of the glass, which is formed under a critical condition, mainly because the hydrogen fluoride ammonia has reached the end of fast consumption. The frosted glass bottle is made of sand and has a strong texture. The surface is very fine.

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