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Precautions for the use of skin care products
Oct 31, 2018

        In today's society, as people's living standards are getting higher and higher, and the beauty of the heart is there, there are more and more women who use skin care products. However, many people don’t know much about the precautions for the use of skin care products, especially when the skin care products are used more and more frequently.Here are some of the precautions that SUNSHINE tells you about the use of skin care products.


        Precautions for the superposition of skin care products: ingredients that will react chemically should not be mixed

       1、Two components with different pH orientations are not recommended for stacking. For example, lotions containing astringent or keratin function are generally acidic, and cleaning products are mostly alkaline. In general, most products are collocated, but for safety, you need to try it after you buy and use any skin care products.

       2、Contains A-acid skin rejuvenation products (some ingredients in some anti-wrinkle skin care products) to avoid mixing gel-free film texture products, which will weaken the former.

       3、Avoid the superposition of salicylic acid, almond acid and other ingredients (some oil control, acne skin care products will contain these ingredients), these ingredients have in common is to promote keratin exfoliation, easily lead to sensitivity.

       Precautions for the superposition of skin care products: the skin care steps of different department products should not be mixed

        Skin care products of different brands or functions are not completely incompatible, but it is necessary to ensure that the mix-and-match products do not cause repeated skin care steps, as this may become over-treatment. For example, if you started with a cleansing oil + facial cleanser, this facial cleanser has a deep cleansing effect, but then you switch to another lotion with a cleansing effect, which is equivalent to doing 3 times of cleaning, it is easy to damage the skin barrier.

        Precautions for the superposition of skin care products: function repeat products should not be mixed

        No matter which brand the products with similar efficacy belong to, the nutrients and working principles are similar, and most of the brands' main brands contain high-concentration ingredients.

        Therefore, the only effect of mixing products with similar efficacy is that functional superposition makes excess nutrients, and because of the limited absorption capacity of the skin, it can only cause waste of nutrition, and may even cause skin rejection.

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