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Personalized performance of cosmetic packaging
Oct 16, 2018

(1) Using color attire to optimize graphic design. Using color attire, cosmetics packaging is a world of colorful colors. Different brands of cosmetics will choose the right color according to their own characteristics. White, green, blue, pink, etc. are the most common,

Purple, gold, and black symbolize mystery and nobleness, and can be used for high-end, more personalized cosmetic packaging. Personalized graphics are used as a unique symbolic language in cosmetic packaging design because of their distinctive characteristics, which can reflect the characteristics of the product, indicating the composition of the product and the use of the display product. When making creative ideas for cosmetic packaging graphics, you should fully grasp the positioning of the product to match the color, text and shape of the packaging.

(II) Innovative packaging form to meet individual needs Innovative packaging form, cosmetic packaging should be the embodiment of commonality and individuality. Designers should consider the harmonious function of packaging function and overall beauty. Ordinary cosmetic packaging is mostly in the form of common geometry, but individual cosmetic packaging requires its own unique style. In the individualized expression of cosmetic packaging, bionics with natural things as imitation objects is a common design method. Different from the previous single geometric cosmetic packaging, the bionic design is both intimate and lively, achieving the perfect unity of practicality and individuality. Provide product information, provide product information, and improve brand quality. The text on cosmetics packaging is the basis for consumers to choose cosmetics. The text on the cosmetic package mainly includes the brand name, product name, and introductory text. Designers can consider the form and combination of brand texts when designing brand texts, so that the words created can be personalized and evoke people's aesthetic pleasure. The product name should be catchy, the design is simple, and the consumer can see at a glance. Explanatory text plays a vital role in the transmission of information on the use of cosmetics. The combination of clever and well-characterized descriptive words can make people happy and leave a good impression, thus achieving a good psychological reaction. The size, font, arrangement, and the echo of graphics and colors on the cosmetic packaging are important factors in achieving the harmony of the text style, the overall visual effect of the layout and the theme content. Therefore, the text should not only match the font and the overall color, but also the color and Part of the strokes must be processed, and the individualized design of the text should be highlighted, so that the perfect effect can be achieved and become a more powerful means of promotion.

        Incorporating cultural elements, embodying brand connotation and integrating cultural elements, today's cosmetics packaging design pursues traditional combination, showing unique wisdom and contemporary atmosphere, and strives to achieve a high degree of unity of form and connotation. Such as the scientific, logical and rational styling style of German design, the elegance and romantic atmosphere of Italian design, Japan's novelty, dexterity, sleek and full of human characteristics, all of which are rooted in their different cultural concepts. . China's packaging design style tends to be stable, full of meaning and formal symmetry and integrity. This is also the psychological commonality of the entire Chinese nation. Herborist launched a brand new image in 2008, but the fashion is not lost. The packaging of China is favored by consumers, and won the 2008 PENTAWARDS packaging design silver award. The new image of Herborist is more simple and exquisite, blending international fashion elements and Chinese traditional rhymes, fashion without losing the Chinese heritage. In the new packaging design, the collection of hundreds of herbal forms of the flower-panel covered the top of the bottle, the meaning of “weeding around the grass”, the bottle shape is inspired by the traditional Chinese element – bamboo festival, which is very simple and fashionable. Looking at the bottle body and the “Tuanhua” bottle cap, it is just like a delicate Chinese seal, reflecting the Chinese culture that the brand has always contained.

(3) Advocating green environmental protection and leading the beautiful trend Advocating green environmental protection, facing the global environmental deterioration, cosmetics as one of the fashion symbols conform to the development of environmental protection, and adopting recyclable or degradable materials in packaging design to avoid them.

        Become an unusable and recyclable waste, and promote organic green to reduce the impact on the environment. For example, Dior introduces the environmental protection concept of recycling to enhance the sustainable use of the packaging products of Jade Gold & Beauty. The Jurlique brand products are made of special environmentally friendly materials from the outer carton to the bottle and the bottle. Naturally decomposed; Mary Kay uses paper packaging that can be recycled and degraded and greatly simplifies packaging complexity, and has become a pioneer in the promotion of environmental protection in the cosmetics industry; Herborist also uses the recycled packaging of the product packaging, printed with "supporting environmental protection, recommended recycling "The words, and set up recycling bins in the store ... In addition, many brands also printed product descriptions inside the box to reduce paper waste. More and more cosmetics companies and designers are gradually setting up environmental protection concepts, reducing packaging, using special materials and “variation” packaging.

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