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New development trend of global glass packaging industry
Jun 27, 2018

International Glass Packaging Industry presents a new development trend: the use of advanced energy-saving technology for production, bottle can be lightweight, improve labor productivity and increase production concentration. The foreign glass packing industry is popularizing the oxy-fuel combustion technology, which is the second revolution after regenerative glass kiln, which can obtain the remarkable effect of low investment, low energy consumption and low dust emission. Another way to save energy is to increase the amount of broken glass, foreign glass added to 60%-70%. 

Light Shi Ping is already the leading product of glass jar. The precise control of raw materials, the precision control of the whole process of melting, the small mouth pressure blowing technology (NNPB), the hot and cold end spraying of bottle cans and the on-line inspection are the basic guarantee for the realization of the light weight of bottle cans. A number of countries are developing new bottle surface enhancement techniques to try to reduce the weight of bottle cans further.  

The current popular plastic film sets, but also conducive to the lightweight glass jar. Developed countries generally use a number of groups, many drop molding machine to improve the molding speed of glass bottles. Foreign production of 12 groups of double drop-type bottle-making machine speed can be more than 240 per minute, compared with the current domestic commonly used 6 groups of single drop molding machine height of more than 4 times times. At the same time, a large number of glass packaging enterprises began to merge and reorganization, improve the concentration of glass container industry, in order to optimize the allocation of resources to improve the scale of efficiency.

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