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Keyword 9. Flying inspection
Jan 25, 2019

Flying inspection

        Almost every month, there will be news that the XXX cosmetics manufacturer failed to pass the flight inspection. These enterprises are often “picked up” in quality management, personnel management, plant equipment, material management, etc. The lighter is ordered to rectify, and even serious related certificates will be revoked. What makes the flying test of the production company fearful?

        Flight inspection, referred to as flight inspection, refers to the on-site inspection that is not notified by the inspection department in advance. It is a form of follow-up inspection by the current functional departments and has become a normal operation. Flight inspection is actually the most commonly used tracking inspection method adopted by the international product certification organization for the factory after certification, and it is also an important means to improve the effectiveness of factory inspection. To put it bluntly, it is a truth to check the exams with the teacher from time to time. Many cosmetics foundries talk about the color change, fearing that they will step on the "lei" one day; but there are also many cosmetics foundry companies that this is a superior screening process: when the industry standards are more strictly enforced, the formal generation Industrial enterprises can compete in a relatively fair environment.

        The flight inspection is only an effective means for the functional departments to strengthen management. It is foreseeable that there will be more and more rigorous mechanisms to help the industry further formalize.

        The industry threshold is getting higher and higher, are you afraid?

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