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Keyword 8. One-stop service / OBM
Jan 25, 2019

One-stop service / OBM

      “The boundaries between the cosmetics industry and other industries are becoming more and more blurred.” Gao Bingxiu, the head of the China Strategic Marketing Department of Kosme Shih, said at the first annual meeting of Pinshang APP.

         The pharmaceutical industry, the food industry, the fashion industry and even the Internet companies have begun to cross the border of cosmetics, this group of "barbarians outside the door" has long been a leader in the cosmetics industry. And cosmetics processing companies have become their "accomplice." Cross-border does not understand technology, will not market, will not detect, can not find packaging materials, no channel resources?

          No problem, the cosmetics foundry will help you solve it.

         At this year's fair, no less than 10 cosmetics processing companies have branded "OBM" or "one-stop OEM service" as a highlight to attract customers. Cosmetics processing giants such as Kosme and Koma also foster a new brand through this model.

         It seems that the cosmetics processing enterprise is not enough to do the technology well, and the service has to be upgraded.

         However, not all cosmetic processing companies have capital to play like this. Ban Yu'an, chairman of Guangzhou Sanhao Technology Co., Ltd. said: "OBM is a comprehensive business. Customers find that the foundry company is one-to-one, and the foundry may need to cooperate with customers, suppliers and contractors. One-to-many docking, design, etc., all the things that were originally handled by the customers are now executed by the foundry companies, which is undoubtedly a pressure to pass on."

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