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Keyword 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)
Jan 25, 2019

Artificial Intelligence

        Artificial intelligence (hereinafter referred to as AI) and the matching cosmetics industry seem to be a bit off the ground, but it has quietly entered the decision-making field of cosmetics foundry companies. Cui Jing, vice chairman of Kesi Mei Shi (China) Cosmetics Co., Ltd. Showing a strong interest in AI. The role of AI in plant operation decisions cannot be underestimated. Based on reasonable data, AI can help foundry companies accurately calculate reasonable order quantities and order cycles, arrange production and procurement, and effectively save the cost of plant operations.

        However, don't think that AI will only play management and not understand technology. Some foundry companies claim to be able to make recipes through AI: predicting the efficacy and safety of a finished product through the introduction of large amounts of recipe data and results.

        In addition to current applications, AI is also one of the future directions of the cosmetics industry. Some industry experts have also predicted that AI will be the breakthrough point in the future of the custom-made field in the field of private customization - a person's recipe or let AI do it, the formulator is obviously not enough.

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