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Keyword 5. Digitization
Jan 25, 2019


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         In 2016, the Yunqi Conference was a cannon, and Ma Yun sent a “new retail” to the business world. Behind the new retail is a more efficient and flatter supply chain system, and the cosmetic processing enterprises are also involved in the "digital" trend. Although some cosmetic foundry companies do not have a clear concept of digitization, cosmetic processing companies such as Duomei and Dajiang Shengji have long applied digital operations to production management, research and development direction decision-making, order management, etc. The field, in order to increase sales of management and reduce operating costs.

         On the other hand, digitization has also flattened the entire industry chain. As early as October 2016, Kosme has already opened the Tmall flagship store. The meaning of the drunkard is not wine, the sale is fake, and the data of collecting consumers is true. This is also the result of cosmetics processing companies such as Yachun. C2M.

        When cosmetics processing can more accurately and quickly reach the needs of consumers, "private ordering" has become the focus of many OEMs. Due to the high cost, there is currently no way for OEMs to meet the customization needs of individual users, but products that are segmented and customized for minority groups are increasingly appearing on the market.

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