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Keyword 3. Biotechnology
Jan 24, 2019


        The application of biotechnology in the cosmetics industry has become more and more popular. Dong Yinwei, China Cosmetics Research Center of Beijing Technology and Business University, once asserted that biotechnology is a hot spot in the future cosmetics industry. The facts also prove that this hot spot has reached the upstream of the cosmetics industry chain at an extremely fast speed.

        Many cosmetic processing companies have applied biotechnology to various fields such as raw materials, production, and testing. For example, Quanli Biotechnology will use the whole bio-fermentation technology to prepare raw materials and finished products, and the peptides have become a popular raw material technology favored by many brands and factories. In addition to these "regular operations", the layout of some large companies with certain strength in the biological field is also worthy of attention from foundry companies. For example, P&G and L'Oreal have long been laying out basic research in the biological field of 3D skin (detection technology), skin and skin micro-ecology. At the same time, the application of technologies such as genetic testing has begun to spread to the cosmetics industry.

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