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Key words 7. Raw material price increase / price decline
Jan 25, 2019

Raw material price increase / price decline

         The price of raw materials has risen again!

         This may be the most heard voice in the upstream industry in the past two years. BASF, Dow Chemical, WACKER and many other international raw materials giants have issued price increases, and the raw materials industry has become "insurable". Not long after, as the price of crude oil fell, the price of raw materials fell again. This ups and downs did not bring much trouble to the brand side, but it opened two days in the field of foundry.

          Large-generation tools like Kosme's poetry have strong anti-risk ability, and they themselves have a good cooperative relationship with the raw materials suppliers (with bargaining power), and the impact of raw material price increases on them is just “sprinkling water”. , small scenes.

          However, when the price increase goes to small and medium-sized cosmetics foundries, it means a little bit of "scarring bones". In addition, the functional agencies strictly check the environmental protection, and some of the foundry companies with low prices as the core competitiveness have a more living environment. To be grim, survival has become a problem when profit margins are further compressed.

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