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Key words 2. Microemulsification
Jan 24, 2019


        In addition to typical packaging and raw material technologies, the innovation of emulsification technology has become an important breakthrough for foundry companies. Companies such as Kesimei Shi, North Bell, and Dajiang Biomedical have begun to focus on this, and launched core technologies such as nano-microemulsion and Liposome. Compared with the traditional craftsmanship, the cosmetics made by micro-emulsification technology have many advantages such as more absorption, more stability and easier control. However, the relatively high production cost has also made many brands discouraged.

        However, some foreign brands have been working on micro-emulsification very early. The data shows that as early as 2012, international cosmetics companies such as L'Oreal Group and Procter & Gamble Group are the ones with the largest number of nano-patents, and well-known brands such as FANCL and Lange have long used nano-emulsion technology to make cosmetics. At present, several large OEMs are working hard to reduce the application cost of microemulsification technology and allow more brands to apply this technology.

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