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Key words 10. Find a reliable cosmetics foundry
Jan 25, 2019

Find a reliable cosmetics foundry

        I talked about the technology, market and regulations in the field of cosmetics foundry. Companies want to create best-selling cosmetics, and to understand the latest market trends and research and development trends is only the first step, and more importantly, to find high-quality factories to cooperate. Otherwise, find a factory with a relatively low level of cooperation, and create a product that not only consumers do not buy, but also may be on the blacklist of the Food and Drug Administration.

         Then the problem is coming. There are more than 4,000 cosmetics factories in China. How do you find the one that suits you? The editor who has always been helpful is telling you: Which is the best cosmetics factory? I need you to play your eyes. For comparison, you can consider visiting the factory, seeing the scale of the factory, the production equipment, the size of the plant and the quality effect of the product model. Multi-dimensional comparison, choose the cosmetics processing enterprise that is most suitable for your own needs, and the best is suitable.

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