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Key words 1. freeze-dried powder, ampoules
Jan 24, 2019

Freeze-dried powder, ampoules

       “Rapid” and “effective” are the current consumers' direct demands for products. Compared with traditional cosmetics that are “smooth and quiet”, consumers prefer products that are “immediately effective”. When there is demand, there is market. The lyophilized powder and ampoules, which were originally used in the pharmaceutical field, have come to the cosmetics field across the border, and quickly opened up the market and become popular categories. Many well-known foundries such as Kesimei Shi and North Bell are in the market. This field was laid out a year ago.

         The reason is that the products of these two categories can be added with higher concentration of functional substances, and the effectiveness of the products is widely recognized. At the same time, some of the ingredients such as "nicotinamide" and "polypeptide" are heated in the ingredients party. Ampoules, freeze-dried powders and other products can quickly find the "landing point" of the market.

         More importantly, whether it is ampoules or lyophilized powder, the low-dose packaging method is more convenient to use, and the price does not exceed the expectations of consumers. It is the product that most consumers are willing to pay for, and many brands It is also improving the price/performance ratio of products through these two categories. Significant efficacy and precise positioning have made such products rise rapidly. Some foundry companies believe that the rise of emerging products such as Ampoule is likely to impact the already hot mask market.

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