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Interesting knowledge of small brown bottle
Oct 10, 2018

“Instant Repairing Essence has become a classic. It is the world's first skin care product and one of the most loved skin care products in history. We are proud to contribute to such a legendary product. -- Ronald Lancome, Honorary Chairman of the Estée Lauder Group

Small brown bottle


1. Estee Lauder is the first cosmetics company to use“small brown bottles”.

2. The“small brown bottle”bottle is designed with the old-style pill bottle, which explains the attitude of Estee Lauder to care for the skin.

3. The“small brown bottle”is functional – the brown bottle protects the essence from light.

4. The idol-class "small brown bottle" and the original medical dropper have been cast into immortal legends, becoming the personal treasure of thousands of women around the world.


Original night repair formula

5. The world's first bottle of essence.

6. The first skin care product using hyaluronic acid.

7. The first skin care product: Special moisturizing lotion pioneered the nighttime “repair” skincare product category in 1982.

8. The purchase of the original patent cost only $10.

9. Regardless of its texture, formula and technology, the original special moisturizing essence has a unique charm, and still dominates today.

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