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Glass bottle making process
Oct 30, 2018

Glass bottle making process

1、Bottle body: transparent bottle, frosted bottle, colored bottle, "white porcelain bottle, essential oil bottle" (not commonly used but high order quantity, professional line is less used), spraying

2、The effect of spraying is generally 0.5 yuan - 1.1 yuan / piece, depending on the area and the difficulty of coloring, the silk screen is 0.1 yuan / color, the cylindrical bottle can be used for 

3、Printing: silk screen, hot stamping, (the total number of screen printing and bronzing is not more than 2 times, too many colors, low quality, high cost)

4、Silk screen: There are usually two kinds of silk screen silk screen, one is high temperature ink screen printing, which is characterized by not easy to decolorize, the color is dull, purple coloring is difficult to produce, and the other is low temperature ink screen printing, the color is more brilliant, the ink The requirements are higher, otherwise it is easy to fall off, and attention should be paid to bottle disinfection. Bronzing hot silver 0.5 yuan / section.

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