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Eight factors affecting the finish of glass bottles of olive oil bottle
Jun 27, 2018

Glass bottles in the production molding, sometimes the bottle will appear a lot of spots of wrinkle skin, bubble scratches, and many of the following causes caused:

1.When the glass billet falls into the initial form, it can not enter the initial mode accurately, and the mold wall friction is too large, forming fold pattern, after blowing, the wrinkle spread amplification, the bottle body in the glass jar form folds. 

2. The upper feed machine scissors mark is too large, individual bottles after the shape of scissors scar appeared in the bottle body. 

3. Glass bottle primary mold and mold material poor, density is not enough, after high temperature oxidation too fast, in the mold surface formed a small concave point, resulting in the formation of glass bottle surface is not smooth. 

4. Glass Bottle mold Oil quality is poor will make the mold lubrication is not enough, drop the rate of decline, material type change too quickly. 

5. The initial mold design is unreasonable, the mold cavity is big or small, after the material dripping into the mold, is blowing spread uneven, will make the glass body dot.

6. machine drop material speed uneven, improper adjustment will make the glass bottle at the beginning of the mold and mold temperature is not coordinated, easy to create cold spot in the bottle body, directly affect the smoothness. 

7. The glass in the kiln is not clean or the material temperature is uneven, will also make the output glass bubble, small particles, small ma billet. 

8. Row and column machine speed too fast or slow will appear glass body uneven, bottle wall thick, produce a spotted.

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