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Cosmetics shop
Feb 14, 2019

Cosmetics shop

The first step: friendly welcome

1, welcome language

The sound is natural, the tone is soft, and the words are clear.

2, body language

Smile nodded, eye contact, maintain the right distance, customer first.

3, examples


Good morning / good afternoon / good afternoon / good evening;

Happy New Year / Christmas is good...

I haven't seen you for a long time, you...

The second step: caring for customers

Don't keep close to the customer, keep a certain distance, pay attention to the customer, and let the customer feel that you will provide services and help for him/her at any time.

1, hope

Observe the customer carefully and pay attention to whether the customer is turning a certain type of product.

2, smell

Listen carefully to the conversations between customers and customers and find out the customer's concerns.

3, ask

Inquire about customer needs in a timely manner by asking and talking to customers.

4, cut

It is necessary to process and think about the information discovered by all customers and make a correct judgment based on experience.

The third step: product introduction

1. Understand the sales situation of the goods and the storage location of the goods (seriously and carefully check the daily display).

2, proficient in the store goods FAB try to provide customers with suitable products or product lines.

FAB: F¡ aFeature product has its own characteristics;

A¡ The advantages of aAdvantage products;

B¡ The benefits of aBenefit products give customers benefits.

3. Select the appropriate size by observing and visually checking the customer's body.

Step 4: Assist with trial

1. Help customers prepare for trial use

2, during trial

Waiting beside, ask customers for their needs, provide matching services, etc. If you need to leave, you should give it to other colleagues.

3, after the trial

Lead the customer to the mirror, and after consulting with the customer, help the customer to see the test effect.

Step 5: Handling objections

1. Normal: The customer has doubts or disagreements and wants more information.

2, is a good thing: to explain that the customer intends to buy, want to get some proof or more favorable services.

3. Opportunity: Let him get a satisfactory answer and lead to the conclusion of the transaction.

Step 6: Praise the customer

Promote: timing, method

1. Promoting methods

1.1 Limitation Warning Method

Use time, promotional offers, inventory and other constraints to promote.

1.2 Selection elimination method

When the customer is hesitant, use the selection question to take proof of the problem.

1.3 Summary method

Reaffirm the merits of the product and praise it in an encouraging language.

1.4 Sincerity: An important part of communicating with customers.

1.5 Decent: It is an important means to achieve business and promote customer purchase.

1.6 Specific: A good way to handle customer objections.

2, the timing

2.1 Common customer language turnover signal

Enthusiastic inquiry;

The topic of asking for price or purchase conditions;

Propose after-sales service and other topics after purchase.

2.2 Common customer non-verbal transaction signal

After leaving the store, fold back again and view the same item;

Express a good impression on the goods.

Step 7: Additional marketing

1. Purpose

1.1 Help customers to purchase products that can be matched;

1.2 Additional sales can add at least 30% to the store.

2, several ways of additional sales

2.1 Application and matching, recommended methods for series products;

2.2 using friends and family promotion;

2.3 using zero-filling;

2.4 Use new products or promotional styles.

Step 8: Beauty Service

1, after-sales service introduction

Use, storage, and introduction of three bags.

2, leaving customer files

Record customer needs and contact information.

3. Cashier service

Lead customers to the cashier to provide fast and accurate cashier services.

4, farewell thanks

Whether you are shopping or not, you have to send customers and thank you!

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