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Cosmetics are classified by function
Oct 25, 2018

        First, the basic skin care products: refers to the purpose of skin cleansing, maintenance and decoration, cosmetics it can maintain the skin's hygienic state, continue to provide nutrition and moisture to the skin, moisturizing, antifreeze, prevent dry skin, dandruff, premature Wrinkles and other lack of nutritional status, if you can use the basic cosmetics, can prevent premature aging of the skin, it seems to be younger than people who are not used often, for example: it is like three meals a day, a reasonable nutritional mix can make Our life can be continued. If there is no nutrition, the body will have problems. The weaker body is weak and the resistance is low. If the skin is seriously ill, if the skin lacks nutrition and daily protection, aging and disease will occur in advance. Therefore, daily maintenance is very important.

        Second, the effect of skin care products: refers to the specific design for the problem skin, with special effects of cosmetics, such as spot cream, acne cream, desensitization cream. After the use of such cosmetics, there is a significant therapeutic and ameliorating effect on the problems of the skin. However, because it contains therapeutic ingredients, it will also cause certain irritation to the skin. If the seller or user lacks professional knowledge and experience, it is prone to skin allergies and even severe punishment. In the early 1990s, the change was made. The skin cream causes many customers' skin to have thinning of the stratum corneum, red blood, allergies and dependence, so we do not recommend customers to use these products for a long time. For example, a functional product is like a drug. It can cure a disease, but it can also harm the body. It can only be taken when there is a disease. If there is no disease, it will damage the body. In fact, many skins. It is always possible to achieve cosmetic goals through scientific, long-term care.

        Third, semi-functional skin care products refer to cosmetics between basic cosmetics and functional cosmetics. It has the characteristics of safety and comfort of basic cosmetics, can be used for a long time, and has functional products that can significantly improve skin problems. Features. By using semi-functional products, skin problems can be prevented and improved. After a certain period of continuous use, it can even achieve the effect of truly solving the problem on the skin. For example, it is like health care products (now nutritious foods) can prevent diseases, strengthen the body and improve the resistance. The role of some people even through the long-term use of health care products to cure certain aspects of the disease.

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