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Cosmetic bottle
Feb 13, 2019

Cosmetic bottle

At present, more and more cosmetics manufacturers use glass bottles to package their products. Although glass bottles do not account for a large proportion of cosmetic bottle series containers, they still have an irreplaceable advantage in this field. Therefore, glass bottles are still the best choice for high-end cosmetics in a certain period of time. Why do you want to use glass bottles for high-end cosmetics?

The glass bottle has a seductive charm that is pure and elegant. It also has a heavy feeling, which makes people feel that the quality of cosmetics is improved and brings trust. These are all plastic bottles that are not available. The plastic bottle is not transparent, and it has not been effective in the injection treatment, and the production cost is relatively high. The glass bottle has a good perspective and a three-dimensional craft decoration function.

The cosmetic bottle series are all chemical, especially the whitening and nutrition series. Although they contain a lot of nutrients, these nutrients are easily oxidized because the packaging of these cosmetics needs good sealing. The sealing property of the glass bottle is better than that of other packaging materials, the barrier property is strong, and it does not chemically react with the cosmetic. Items such as perfumes are volatile and easily lost, and require a good seal of glass bottles. Therefore, glass bottles are the best choice for high-end cosmetics.

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