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Another use of a beautiful essential oil bottle
Oct 10, 2018

     If you are a fan of glass bottles, I believe that you will definitely have a special liking for the oil bottles of different colors and styles. You will enter the factory of glass products and come to the showcases with different styles and styles. I was immediately attracted to the bottles in the essential oil bottle exhibition area. Ordinary essential oil bottles also have a small mouth that is different from ordinary bottles, making him look a little bit like a daddy. The rest of the different styles of essential oil bottles are even more attractive, such as single gourd essential oil bottles, double gourd essential oil bottles, plus a variety of colors, making the essential oil bottle more attractive eyeballs. The essential oil bottle attracts the people around it with its beautiful appearance, which attracts a special group of people, so that it has another value, which is the collection.

      In this age of collections, the collectors collect some relatively artistic perfume bottles and essential oil bottles. As essential oils gradually enter and lead women's lives, in order to attract the attention of female consumers, the shape and material of the essential oil bottles are made different in different cities. Collectors are collecting these in the era when this essential oil bottle has not yet fully emerged. Relatively unpopular essential oil bottles, so that they occupy a certain position in the collection.

      The use of essential oil bottles is getting bigger and bigger. Perfume bottle designers are involved in essential oil bottles. Essential oil bottles are beginning to get rid of the popular route. The styles are diverse and take the retro nostalgic route. More and more designers use bronze and wood to increase the old age. Retro feeling.

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