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2019 Cosmetics processing industry R & D trend, look at these 10 keywords
Jan 24, 2019

In a blink of an eye, 2018 has become a past tense.

        In this year, there have been many major innovations in the field of cosmetics processing industry, from technology to production, to the industrial chain and the overall pattern have undergone tremendous changes. In the tide of the industry, the editors felt a lot, and found a lot of cosmetics processing companies to talk about it. Between the words, the discussion of these foundry industry focuses on the constituent parties, micro-emulsification, supply chain and other fields.

        Through the ideas of the big guys, the editors sorted out the 10 key words in the field of cosmetics processing in 2018. They also indicate the trend of research and development in the cosmetics processing industry in 2019.

Key words 1. freeze-dried powder, ampoules

Key words 2. Microemulsification

Keyword 3. Biotechnology

Keyword 4. Order fragmentation

Keyword 5. Digitization

Keyword 6. Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Key words 7. Raw material price increase / price decline

Keyword 8. One-stop service / OBM

Keyword 9. Flying inspection

Key words 10. Find a reliable cosmetics foundry

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