30ml Glass Cream Jar for Eye Cream

30ml Glass Cream Jar for Eye Cream

The cosmetic glass bottle is made by crystal flint glass to make your product high-graded and outstanding....

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Basic Info

Weight: 77g

Overflow Capacity: 37g

Standard Capacity: 30g

Height: 39mm

Diameter: 52mm

Bottle Decoration: We Do According to Your Request


Technology: Machine-Made

Color: Amber

Transport Package: Export CartonOrigin: China

HS Code: 7010909000

Product Description

30ml Glass Cream Jar for Eye Cream

Our Advantages of Cream Jar
1,Our cosmetic glass bottle is made by  crystal  flint glass to make your product high-graded and outstanding.
2,We are especially suited to help you develop your own custom bottle to complement your branding and message.
3,MOQ is 50000pieces.
4,Bottle decoration is applied .Decoration becomes extremely important when using a stock bottle shape that may also be used by dozens of other brands.
5,Closure can also be provided according your request.
6,We provide one-stop service for you to reduce your cost and save your time.
7,Glass bottle is the only packaging material rated "GRAS"  or "generally regarded as safe" by the world Food & Drug Administration.
8,Glass bottle is chemically inert,and will not interact with or contaminate its contents.No worried about estrogen mimickers like BPA! Not will it leech or off gas potentially hazardous materials into the environment.
9. Glass is eco-friendly and is  made of natural ingredients that are abundant. No tree die to make this eco-friendly packaging. Making glass uses less energy than producing metal or plastic. Glass is recyclable. 

Specifacation of Cream Jar

Item Number




Overflow Capacity




Max Diameter


Glass Cosmetic Bottle Decoration

We offer a variety of options that will put the finishing touch on your project-helping your brand make a statement that stands out on the store shelves. And by being the source for all your decorating projects or service,we can help you save the time and money that critical to your bottom line. We strive to provide you with the most distinctive and cost-effective decorating solutions.

Packaging for Glass Cosmetic Bottle

bottle packaging

bottle packaging

Order Samples of Glass Cosmetic Bottle
If you would like to order samples, please tell us the item number and quantity.
Note: We require a minimum order of 2 bottles and a maximum quantity is 10.
Mix-And-Match is acceptable.

Custom Glass Cosmetic Bottle

DesignServices 拷贝

A custom bottle design is one of the best ways of making your brand stand out among the countless other products on the shelf. With a custom bottle, many characteristics of your brand can be conveyed at a glance-elegance, luxury, masculinity or femininity, complexity,regionality,tradition, quality and many others. It also allows you to add embossed text or patterns another way of really distinguishing your bottle.

At SUNSHINE, we are especially suited to help you develop your own custom bottle to complement your branding and message. You will find our design fee is very competitive, or if you already have a drawings free of charge. 

The Safety Tips for Glass Cosmetic Bottle
>>>Never place hot glassware on wet or cold surfaces,including countertops and sinks.
>>>Never add liquids to a hot glassware.
>>>Clear with plastic or nylon non-scratch pads or cleansers intended for glassware.
>>>Never place on stovetop or under broiler.

1,Q: Are you  factory or trading company?
  A: We are trading company, having five years experiences in suppling all kinds of glassware. So far, there are more than 20 stable factories cooperate with us for nearly five years. So we can get lower price than you directly get from the factories. Most important, we provide one-stop service and having very good after-sales service that most factories can never do.

2,Q: What service can you provide?
  A:We provide one-stop service from bottle design to shipping the products to your warehouse.

3, Q: How do you control the quality?
   A: We have our own professional QC team. In order to provide our customer satisfactory products, our QC will on spot in each mass production. Our QC are not only familiar with the quality, but also well know about the technologies. So if there are any problems, we can deal with them immediately. 

4,Q:What is Glass?
  A:Supercooled liquid. Liquid which is cooled to a stage where its viscosity is so great that the molecules do not move freely enough to from crystals.

5,Q:What is glass made of?
  A:Sand---70%, Soda Ash---15%,  Limestone---10%

6,Q:What is cullet?
  A:Cullet is recycled glass(from plant and post consumer) used at levels as high as 80% when available. It is needed and added to enhance the melting rate and it significantly reduces energy required for glass production.

7,Q:How many kinds of  surface coatings?
  A:There are two types of surface coatings. They are hot-end coating and cold-end           coatings. Hot-end coating applied at the entrance to the annealing lehr to strength the     glass surface. Cold-end coating depending on the filling process and end use. Typical     cold-end coatings are oleic acid, monostearates, waxes, silicones, polyethylenes. The     purpose of these two coatings are to reduce the coefficient of friction.

8,Q:How to calculate the tolerance of glass?
  A:Tolerances as per glass packaging institute.
    Capacity: 1% for large bottles and up to 15% for small bottles
    Weight: generally 5%
    Height: 0.5% to 0.8 overall height
    Diameter: 1.5% for 200mm & 3% for 25mm.

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